Robert o projekcie

Artificial paradise on Adige river is a place where the notion of tine does not exist.

With the aid of virtual reality it becomes possible to make a journey to any historical period of Verona. To be there, watch Roman ships, medieval buildings, merchants boating shortly before the flood, even the flood itself, engulfing defenseless city. Transparent, almost surrela glass piazza connecting two riverbanks could provide all those experiences. A subtele construction does not interfere with the historic context while underground cafeterias give an open view to the opposite riverside. Above diners’ heads there are people moving in a different, abstract reality.

The urban plan refers to the pre-flood period. On the left side of the river we have designed a hotel closing the quarter. By this means a walkaway is created in place of water floating in formely. On the right bank there are lodging houses reffering to floating craftsmen houses.

name: verona bridge
author: robert konieczny
marlena wolnik
design: 1995

international competition of usa institute &

verona intermarmorac – III award, verona 1995

publications: architektura & biznes 02 1996
exhibitions: silesian university of technology 10 2012