Robert o projekcie

Agreement among historical divisions is definetely an item that should be constantly searched for in relations between Germany and Poland. Polish-german meeting point, the square gently flowing over the fence, in our design became a symbol of integration. Both sides have to make certain effort to reach the top of the eminence in order to meet each other.

The embassy site is divided in two parts: pre-entrance area and the garden walled off with a two meters high fence. They are connected with a square raised over the wall. It is the level temporarily accessible for the visitors. Plain solids of the chancellery are residence, suspended above the square are inaccessible for the civilians.

name: german ambassy in warsaw
author: robert konieczny
marlena wolnik
collaboration: arek kulpiński
aleksandra czech
usable floor area: 10 340m2
design: 2002
exhibitions: silesian university of technology 10 2012

logic of space, nowy sącz 11/12 2011