Robert o projekcie

The concept is a result of an examination of a water – finder commissioned by the investor. It revealed strong radiation of underground watercourses crossing the plot almost diagonally. A specific life – line appeared, an invisible border defining shape of the future house. Another difficulty was southern access to the plot and slope to the north. Non – typical plan of the house enabled localization of the garden on the sunny side of the plot, while the living area was “pushed” to the back, next to the adjacent park. As a result of this we gained undisturbed open views from the inside. Eastern wall was extended to the front of the plot, by dint of it the object integrates with surrounding houses, adjusting to the regulation line.

name: triangle house, katowice
author: marlena wolnik
robert konieczny
structural engineering: krzysztof anioł
client: private
site area: 1020 m2
usable floor area: 266m2
volume: 972 m3
design: 1997
construction: 1999-2000
awards: architecture of silesian region – grand prix 2001
publications: archivolta 01 2008

archivolta 07/09 2004

architektura & biznes 09 1998

exhibitions: silesian university of technology10 2012

logic of space, nowy sącz 11/12 2011