Robert o projekcie

The building is situated in the industrial area of Poland. It’s been designed for an indigent family, which appreciates its functionality, as well as low maintenance and construction cost. The plan of this bungalow is based on a square, where internal and external spaces are combined. The capsule containing all technological elements – bathroom, kitchen, pantry and an alternative source of heating in the form of a fireplace, is situated in the central part of the house. By each entrance there is a net used as wood storage. It acts like a screen changing its appearance depending on amount of wood inside.

name: house with the capsule, silesian region
author: robert konieczny
structural engineering: marian goczoł
client: elwira konieczna
stanisław konieczny
wanda frigerio
site area: 972 m2
usable floor area:       102 m2
volume: 338 m3
design: 2001
construction: 2002-2004
photographs: juliusz sokołowski
awards: architecture of the year in silesian region – grand prix 2006
psg competition sarp – I award 2005
publications: design alive 01 2011

x-house 2011

decor 07/08 2010

architectural&design – interiors for living 2009

murator 06 2009

świat rezydencji wnętrz & ogrodów 02 2009

salon 05 2008

archivolta 01 2008

architekt 01 2008

arhitectura 12 2007/01 2008

budownictwo technologia architektura 03 2007

dom & wnętrze 01 2007

exhibitions: silesian university of technology 10 2012

logic of space, nowy sącz 11/12 2011

 v4 family houses, beirut 02 2011

architecture week, prague 10 2010

kwk promes exhibition, ostrawa 12 2009/02 2010

wild wild east, hamburg 09/11 2009